1001 Arabian Nights – Adventures of Sinbad #0

Apr 2008 – Zenescope

Story: Joe Brusha | Ralph Tedesco | Dan Wickline
Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Gus Vasquez
Colour: Garry Henderson
Letters: Alphabet Soup’s Jim Reddington

When I was younger, I remember watching a few old Sinbad movies on AMC, and loved them. There might have been a television series as well, but if so, it has faded from memory. The movies have not and for that, I decided to take another chance. Being already familiar with something gives you just enough of a bias to like it than hate it. On the rare chance you do end up hating it, it is with the blind rage of loyalty being betrayed.

I love this. I love Sinbad. He delivers the best introduction speech while fighting some goons. I have to watch the old movies now. He has such great lines that warrant something new. A quote!

“On the isle of Kish,I am a hero.
In the city of Abu Dhabi, I am a thief.
In Ganaveh A princess longingly awaits my return.
And in Baghdad… I am to be killed on sight.
My friends call me a sailor.
My enemies call me a Pirate.
My women call me a God.
But you may call me Sinbad.”

Now it could be that I’m just a bit tired, but this is the best thing I’ve read in the history of Super Nice Comics, which isn’t saying much since this is only day 2, but it’s still a landmark.

This story is awesome. It’s a quick, little story that introduces SInbad to us and tells how he got his ship and crew. There’s really not much to it, but I have to read more. There’s some charm about this book has hypnotized me.

The art is colourful and reminds me of a good animated film (i don’t mean anime), so much that I can almost see the movement of frames between panels. I love it.

I. Love. It.

Here’s hoping issue #1 leaves a good taste in my mouth.


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