G.I. Joe – Cobra – #1

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Mar 2009 – IDW

Writing: Mike Cost | Christos N. Gage
Art: Antonio Fuso
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Chris Mowry

I’ve loved GI as a kid, but I’ve never bothered much with the comics. I have collected a fiew of the old TPBs and have read a bit of them, but never fully digested it. It was more of a collector’s thing. I wanted to have them because it was GI Joe and old.

I also knew they made newer comics since then, but I never bothered with them, until now. Readers who know me personally, know I always have a thing for the bad guys. So it’s of no surprise that I would jump on this for being Cobra. And yes, I’m really just waiting to see the Baroness.

Remember Chuckles? That gregarious undercover agent with the Hawaiian shirt? Yeah. It’s all about him and his mission to infiltrate Cobra. How disappointing. Now, I did like Chuckles from the "Real American Hero" series. I always like his wisecracks and style, but I didn’t exactly want to read about him in my brand new Issue #1 of Cobra! At least, not until I got further in.

The story it begins with an interview that goes bad. The Joes come and shoot the place up and we see Chuckles take out Scarlet, and shoots what looks like Roadblock in the head. And I’m thinking. What? Dead Joes? Dead well-known Joes. This is serious. What is going on? Later we seem him abducted, and it all comes out.

"They know I’m G.I. Joe."

And so we’re thrown into a flashback showing his ejection from GI Joe and his undercover assignment with Jinx (Storm Shadow’s cousin) to infiltrate various terrorist organisations until he hits the top. And you find out those dead Joes aren’t dead. It was all staged.

I was hoping for something darker, an issue I frequently have. Let’s follow someone else’s experiences with Cobra. Someone new. If not, why not have someone defect? Some betrayal that turns someone to the dark side. Something more meaningful than, "Hey Chuckles. Go infiltrate Cobra." Only the Joes don’t know anything about Cobra in this series.

The writing isn’t the greatest either. Mostly all that inner dialogue he has. Sometimes it’s good, but mostly it’s not. It’s overdone making chuckles seem wanna-be hardboiled. Sure, he’s tough, no denying that from what he’s done in the past, but I don’t by that’s the real him either. It isn’t believable to me. Luckily his regular dialogue is much better, but I’m still annoyed.

Chuckles… with Jinx? Sure, I guess it could happen spending so much time together… but still.

And then there’s the art. I really can’t get into it. It just is awkward to me. Some panels look good to me. Others don’t. I also don’t like the muted colours. The faded look just doesn’t sit well with me.

I will not rule this as total crap. I am severely disappointed, but a part of me is hoping for a darker future. I’ll wait until the second issue to finalize my verdict. Until then, it can sit out in the sun and ferment for awhile.


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