Vinyl Underground – #1

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Dec 2007 – Vertigo

Writing: Si Spencer
Pencils: Simon Gane
Ink: Cameron Stewart
Colour: Guy Major
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

Wow… Just… Wow…

Take the son of a famous soccer athlete, make him fail at the game and turn him to coke, hookers, and conning. Then bring in another man whose had the abused children’s home run around which turned him into a sex offender for running a fake child-porn website to trap predators, then make him psychic. Lastly, add a dash of your typical arrogant, spoiled rich bitch that has a taste for fire and somehow manages to stay a virgin while being a nymphomaniac. And for seasoning- some Otis Redding vinyl.

Sound like the perfect crime solving team? Didn’t think so. But… somehow it works.

I don’t know where to begin with this. It’s really engaging. Another one of those gems you take a chance on and are pleasantly surprised that it’s actually good. Only Vertigo rarely let’s me down. There are things I like way more than others, but they’ve never given me anything I’ve considered garbage.

This comic grabbed my attention by title, only. "Vinyl Underground." What an awesome title for a book. It was another one of those spontaneous grabs that proved to be worth it, which is amazing at point, because I haven’t been too much in the branching out mood. It’s hard enough to keep up on what I currently follow.

The writing is up to my standards. It doesn’t exactly break any boundaries, but it’s the high quality I’ve always come to expect from that publisher. Every word and every panel flows (i like to use that word a lot ;p ) together nicely and in no time, you’re at the end and kick yourself for not have picking up at least another issue of two while you were shopping. Damn.

It’s very hard for me to critique the art, though, as it’s not a style I find myself excited over, in that it’s more like any-other book of this caliber. Sort of like watching the news on TV. You flip from one network to the next and it all looks the same. All you care about is if the story’s interesting, and if the females are hot. I’m not sure if I conveyed that well, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It just doesn’t really stand out to me. It’s just okay. It doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of the book in any way, mind you.

I’m going to try and keep up with the promise to myself and not spoil anything, but the ending I didn’t find to be particularly strong. It’s not a bad one. I’m already planning on getting the next issue, I just would have liked a more dramatic cliffhanger. But that’s just me. I always tend to want things to be much darker and violent than they tend to be.

Read it. I expect great things from this series.


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