Echo #11

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Apr 2009 | Abstract Studio

Story: Terry Moore
Art: Terry Moore

Ah, behold the old man and his alloyed hand looking all crazed and not-so-hobo like standing over all those skulls. The wonderful covers that Terry’s given us almost make me wish the interior was also coloured.

I’ve been in love with this story from the beginning and it has only gotten better and better as it’s progressed, and boy is that old man violent. I’d really like to know what his problem is.

Moving on to the story, things are certainly heating up for Julie and Dillon, there’s still a lot of questions, tension, frustration and anger with some very good dialogue. Dillon get’s a vision of Annie, and we get a major confrontation between the crazy old man and Julie that leaves us with one helluva cliffhanger and another long wait for more.

This issue came and gone with a snap. I couldn’t believe I so quickly reached the end of the issue pining for more, just a few more pages, please? But what a good ride it’s been so far. There’s been some excellent character development and gripping drama. This is easily creeping it’s way onto my all-time favorites list and gunning for a high position.

Seriously, if you haven’t read Echo, you should.


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