1001 Arabian Nights – The Adventures of Sinbad #1

May 2008 | Zenescope

Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Paolo Pantalena
Colour: Nei Ruffino
Letters: Alphabet Soup’s Jim Reddington

Sinbad’s quest is finally revealed to us in this, the first issue of his adventures. He seeks the Jericho Visor, a collection of various artifacts, that has the ability to clear his name of it’s wrongful murder charge. The first piece he seeks the Sunfury Amulet, which he learns has been split in two by the Queen of the volcanic island he visits.

This issue wouldn’t be Sinbad without some fighting, but it’s not as gripping and entertaining as the preview issue. The dialogue doesn’t have that snap either, but it’s still tolerable. The comedy and fun that existed in the preview is all gone, and it’s disappointing. We’ve gone from fun, adventurous Sinbad into serious, see how many wrinkles I make while I frown all the time, Sinbad.

The art is as I feared. This series favored the messier, gritty style. The comical style presented in the preview would have worked better in my opinion. The only other problem I have is how everyone looks a bit exaggeratedly tough, at least in their facial expressions. And what’s with Mahdu’s lips? They put Angelina Jolie’s puckers to shame. Ugh. She even starts looking worse as we progress through the issue. Really, most of the girls in this issue look a bit on the funky, scary, deformed lips side. I don’t particularly like the art at all.

My love of Sinbad is crumbling before my eyes and I have no idea if I can go on with all this disappointment.


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