Kingdom of The Wicked #1

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1996 | Calibur Comics

Writing: Ian Edginton
Art: D’Israeli
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix

Chris is a successful author of children’s books and highly praised. He’s currently been working on a sequel to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alive’ Novels. He’s also been suffering terrible head aches. But something odd happens to Chris when he finds himself waking up in a warzone and rescued by soldiers resembling teddy bears.

What we have here is the beginnings of a fairytale gone wrong after years of neglect. The happy times were stripped away replaced with murder, war, and tyranny. It’s a story desperate to be read and it drew me in rather quickly with it’s wonderful writing and the art. It has this surreal quality I really like that lends itself really well to the dark children’s book feel. There’s several accents here and you can really hear them as you’re reading through the dialogue and each panel has a perfect image set to the text.

Wonderful and magical. This issue really evoked emotion in me, I literally teared up at one point, so moved by the scene. I found myself looking back to my childhood and identifying with the joy the characters felt. I can’t get enough of this. This has clearly upstaged everything else I’ve reviewed to date. This issue has left me with so many questions and quite a bit of remorse. As we grow into adults, we forget a lot of things in our childhood, all that magic and imagination that we lived for starts growing dull and fading away.

…I saw things, things I haven’t seen since I was a boy. I grew up. I forgot them but they’re still there and they’re dying. I left them behind… God…

What happens when you remember, when you can see it all again and it’s not the same as you left? This issue answers all these questions and it’s very thought provoking. I can’t help looking past that to try and remember some of the games and stories I played with my toys and what might have happened when I abandoned them. Some of them I don’t even have anymore, abandoned. I can’t help but feel a little sadness for them. By the end of this issue, I was in tears.

So much drama both on the page and off. It’s only a four-issue series, so go get your hands on it. I highly recommend it.


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