A Super Nice Message From Guu on THINGS… TO… COME

I’d been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but have been so busy with my reviews that I just pushed it off to the side. I thought I’d better take a few moments and get this done before I start on more comics.

I want to begin by thanking all those Super Nice people out there that keep coming back. When I totally redid this blog, I didn’t think I’d get many visitors. At least not for a long time. So, thanks. It keeps me motivated to keep on writing.

One question I’ve had mulling around my brain is whether to incorporate a rating system. Sometimes I like the idea, other times the idea of confining my opinions into some sort of grade system seems wrong. If I did, would I just keep one score for everything, or divide it between the art and story? There’s also The Good The Bad and The Ugly format countless other reviewers use, but I’m not sure that would fit my style either. I also don’t like how most people tend only to read the scorecard.

All this boils down to my decision to avoid such scoring. I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide whether a comic is worth their attention. If I think it’s total crap, I’ll tell you. If I feel you should read it before you die, I’ll tell you. But It’s all up to you.

I’m not a huge fan of manga unless it’s dark and riveting. I have toyed with the idea of reviewing the few titles I follow, but my love is for comics and there are plenty of anime and manga fanboys & girls out there that are more than happy to share their love and infect the masses. I won’t rule out the possibilities, just don’t be expecting it.

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line with any reading recommendations. I’ll be happy to take a little side-track and post my thoughts. Comics are wonderful things, so I encourage you to share and express your love as well.

Have a good one and keep reading those Super Nice books.


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