Super Human Resources #1

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2009 | Ape Entertainment

Illustrations: Justin Bleep
Story: Ken Marcus
Colour: Joey Mason
Letters: Jacque Nodell

Finally something different for the super hero genre. We’re not following super heroes on their daily grind of foiling villainous plots to take over cities and universes. This time we’re following the little people that keep these heroes moving; the hard working office workers sitting in their cubicles drowning in paperwork.

Meet Tim, a temp worker that gets to spend the next four issues working in accounts receivable. Today’s his first day and it starts with the grand tour which gives us a good idea of how crazy things are in this place.

The blend of characters in this book are hilarious. There’s a zombie as the main receptionist who’s always grumpy due to the low human flesh diet he’s on. There’s a bog monster hanging out in office supplies also into recreational plants. There’s even a god with a porn addiction working in the monitor room. The rest of the cast is equally odd and I couldn’t imagine them any different.

This issue has barely a story as it’s focus is mainly on setting the stage, introducing the characters and work environment. We are given the first glimpse of the problem Super Crises International will be facing, and it’s definitely internal.

The humor reminds me of any other daily strip and web comic poking fun at the workplace, which actually works to it’s benefit. We’ve got a lot of office humor here with a generous dash of super heroes. That’s what makes this so awesome. Having worked on the cubical farm I can relate to the crazy monotony and the strange conversations and email that float around, not-to-mention how quickly you realize you’re just as crazy as your office mates.

When I opened my parcel from Heavy Ink and saw the covers, I instantly hated the art. I thought it looked awful and it’d be just my like for the rest of the comic to follow suit. When I got into the book, however, I became more comfortable with it and now can’t imagine it being any other way. The style suits the book quite nicely.

This is very much one of those books you’re either going to love, or hate. I happen to love it.

Achieving sentience in 4… 3… 2… 1…

Must annihilate… all life.

Then collate.” – The Office Copier


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