Super Human Resources #2

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2009 | Ape Entertainment

Illustrations: Justin Bleep
Story: Ken Marcus
Colour: Joey Mason
Letters: Jacque Nodell

I really didn’t want to post this right after the doing the first issue, but I’m so hooked on this, I couldn’t help it. I’m obsessed with these crazy people.

Moving right along, Tim has pretty much settled in and seems quite desensitized to the craziness surrounding him. He’s busy trying to find purchase orders while Manboto tries putting the moves on Sarah (who is not a robot, but a normal human girl). The highlight of this issue is Zombor’s birthday party which turns out to be quite eventful. I still feel sorry he’s on that low human flesh diet. Give the poor zombie some meat, for cryin’ out loud, it’s his birthday!

We have a lot of great lines and events in this book. I’m so happy it’s staying consistent. I love the sentient copy machine and I love how it seems to be slowly taking over the other office supplies. The Wombat reminds of someone you’d see in The Tick. What he does to Tim is pretty funny and I’m really diggin’ that poor, lonely guy. 

The quality of the writing and humor is consistent with the previous issue. Still good stuff here and I’m still loving it. I can’t get enough of this and I’m already starting to feel a bit sad that there’s only two issues left.


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