Black Sun #1

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Nov 2002 | Wildstorm

Writing: Marc Andreyko
Art: Trevor Scott
Colour: Udon
Letters: Sergio Garcia | Jenna Garcia

Maggie Sun is an inspector working for the Hong Kong Police Department under the rule of her father. After a romantic interlude with her boyfriend, a news story catches her eye sending her out the door and into a strange event linking the latest toy craze, wrist dragons, to the strange monsters responsible for a warehouse massacre.

I’m not very impressed with this in any way. The art really bothers me. I don’t like how the characters look, I don’t like how messy it is, and sometimes I’m not sure what I’m looking at in a panel. I shouldn’t have to scan over a page to figure out order or what I’m looking at. It’s not terrible, but still an annoyance.

The writing’s all right, but the story doesn’t interest me in the least. I pretty much feel I’m reading a funky cartoon with a few adult elements inserted to try and make it better. This was my lesson in never subscribing to anything I’ve never read, no matter how many issues there are. And also, never pick up more than you can read before the next splurge.

This is another “ugh” and “yawn” for the books.


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