1001 Arabian Nights – The Adventures of Sinbad #2

Jul 2008 | Zenescope

Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Paolo Pantalena
Colour: Kieran Oats
Letters: Alphabet Soup’s Michael De Lepine

Our burly hero is off to Ka’tan to claim the first half of the Sunfury Amulet. To ensure that Sinbad would return, the girl is left with her. But it seems the queen is certain they will fail and has plans to make the girl her apprentice. As Sinbad and his crew sail towards the island, a new obstacle crosses their path – a dragon.

I’m almost used to the deformed body parts, but that doesn’t change my opinion of the art. I’m just finding myself slowly building up a tolerance. I do like the dragon and the ship.

The writing is just the same as the previous issue, so it certainly seems the witty, adventurous Sinbad is certainly dead. I did like this issue more than the last. The events were more interesting and there was more excitement. The story has certainly improved. It’s also making me pine after more Pirates of Darkwater.

I’m not feeling quite so bad about this as I did before, there seems to be some hope of the story picking up and really catching my interest, so I’m going to keep going and cross my fingers.


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