Kingdom of The Wicked #2

1996 | Calibur Comics

Writing: Ian Edginton
Art: D’israeli
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix

What a wonderfully disturbing cover. It’s such a great reminder that this is one dark fairytale we’re caught up in.

This issue begins with Chris seeing a doctor and serves as means to give us the story behind his childhood illness and how he began writing. Later, when he falls asleep in front of the tellie, he finds himself back in Castrovalva soon being chased by a Mugwomp. He also finds time to really think about what’s happening to his world, theories that make more sense than the words of his doctor.

After escaping the Mugwomp, he finds a newspaper with the image of the Dictator who looks surprisingly familiar. He wakes from his travels and will soon return after an accident that leaves us with quite a cliffhanger and a major question.

This series gets better-and-better. I tore through this issue so quickly and can’t wait for more. The writing is still so wonderful and the story is progressing quite well in way I have confidence will lead to a very good, conclusive ending. Everything that has been happening in this book has a reason. There’s no filler that graces the pages of other comics wishing to extend their life and profits by as much as possible. For that, I love this. Ian Edginton is a candidate for my greatest loved writers. Hopefully by the end of this  series, he’ll make the cut.

As for the art, the designs for the Mugwomp and those strange creatures on the cover that beg Chris for food are so wonderfully eerie, I just love it. Everything about the art screams creepy children’s book.

This should be in everyone’s collection.

I’m going to be lunch for a character I made when I was seven.”


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