Hotwire Requiem For The Dead #2

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Mar 2009 | Radical Comics

Creator: Steve Pugh | Warren Ellis
Story: Warren Ellis
Writer: Steve Pugh
Illustrator: Steve Pugh
Letters: Steve Pugh

The riots are getting worse and detectives Kellog and Marlow are put into protective custody. Things get even worse when what looks like a Zombie asks for help at the front desk of Metro Police.

Meanwhile, Hotwire and her new partner deal with the skull face possessing the old man. After,she tells us a bit about her family, the work her mother did, how she died and when the two go to a bar to unwind, she tells more about her childhood years.

The mystery thicken when Yanis, the man possessed in the previous issue was found never to have been at that hospital and that weird zombie at Metro Police was actually a mule for blue-light weapons. But before Homeland Enforcement comes to massacre everyone, Hotwire plans to solve the case and starts preparing for her visit to Mots Island Maximum Security Cemetery.

It’s wonderful to know my fears of this going downhill were just childish worries. The entire “ghost bomb” element turned out to be cheesy in name only. Using people to carry the blue-lights of psychopaths to dump on a battlefield is an ingenious idea and the whole workings of it are explained enough to ease the worries I had.

I’m really liking how Hotwire and her partner are getting along. I had doubts in the beginning, but it’s working out quite well. all those phone calls from mom were a nice creepy touch, as well and we finally know why she never answers. So wonderful.

The art doesn’t get any more beautiful than this and I’m still hanging on every word. This is such an awesome read and I’m halfway through the series already. Just two more issues left and then emptiness.


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