1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad #3

Aug 2008 | Zenescope

Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Tone Rodriguez
Colour: Nei Ruffino
Letters: Alphabet Soup’s Michael De Lepine

Sinbad and his crew finish dealing wtih the dragon while another crew member skulks around he city overhearing Queen Alorana’s condemnation of Sinbad and her failed warrior Mahdu to death.

The Queen attempts to force the girl into servitude, but she will not be enslaved again causing a problem for everyone and the appearance of a new monster.

The old man uses his falcon to find the temple, but a great evil awaits and a terrible thing happens.

Still hate the art. Those girls are still ugly, ugly, ugly and those men are still frowny, frowny, frowny. The best part about it are the monsters. It’s also interesting to see how the artist and colourist keep changing and very little has visually changed. Ugh.

I’m not hating this as much as I have been. The humor is starting to creep back in and Sinbad is behaving more like what I’d expect. His dealings with the dragon, his exchange with the old man, and the cook’s humorous running about are enough to rekindle my hope.

I’m actually looking forward to reading the next issue and seeing if things are really changing for the better.


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