Black Sun #2

Dec 2002 | Wildstorm

Writing: Marc Andreyko
Art: Trevor Scott
Colour: Udon
Letters: Sergio Garcia | Jenna Garcia

Maggie’s suspended from the force as a result of her grandstanding at the warehouse stand-off on her day off. She and her father visit her mothe rin a care facility and bad blood between him and his brother Zhao flare into threats.

While at home, Maggie receives a strange necklace as a gift and assumes it was from her boyfriend on assignment in Tibet, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Finally, Zhou is linked to the case and a confrontation between him and Commander Sun end badly.

The only thing I liked about this comic was the prostitute getting her neck broken by Mr. Big Bad Guy. The story pick up, but it’s predictability renders it dull and boring.

The art I really dislike. It’s inconsistent. Some panels the character’s kind of look Asian, in others, they just look funky. It’s really messy and horrible.

Still not impressed with is and not expecting any improvements.


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