Irredeemable #1

Apr 2009 | Boom!

Created By: Mark Waid
Writing: Mark Waid
Art: Peter Krause
Colour: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Holy crap! This comic is dark. So dark and wonderful I can almost feel a happy dance coming.

Here we have the Plutonian, a super-hero, that totally wipes out another super-hero and his entire family, burning them to a crisp leaving only their skeletal remains – Mom, Dad, Baby – dead, dead dead. And he’s not stopping with them. He’s hunting other supers as well.

This possibly might grow into my favorite supers book merely because it’s the first book actually following a bad guy doing really bad things. Not the usual candy-coated semi-sweet darkness we typically get from the genre. The scene at the graveyard dealing with his partner was wonderful. It proved that the violence we saw at the beginning wasn’t a one-off. This is not a happy tale.

The art is great. It goes very well with this tale of a fallen super. It has a classic supers style that makes me feel like I’m finally reading something breaking out of the DC and Marvel mold, a story that can finally be told without any kid-friendly-silver-lined rubbish engraving ideas of evil always loosing and every conflict ends in cheesy wit, smiles and laughter into our grey matter.

There are no smiles and laughter here. The best, most loved super has gone bad and he’s taking names. His former allies are desperate to not only stop him, but stay alive. We see this in the wonderful art and in the smart writing. All the events in this issue are believable. They are portrayed and written in a way that their behaviors are dead believable.

I can only hope that this ongoing retains it’s darkness and we continue to see the horrors of a world where one of it’s own forsakes them and seeks their demise. I’m going to hate waiting for this one.


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