End of Series: Kingdom Of The Wicked

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1996 – 1997 Calibur Comics – 4 issues

I haven’t had such a good read in a long time. I found it very difficult to muster enough willpower to avoid reading it all at once and flooding Super Nice again with rapid succession reviews like what happened with Super Human Resources. I sort have bended at the end, though.

I have always loved fairytales as a child and there are a number of comics rooted to the idea or known well known fairytales, but none have had such an effect on me as this one. This story is such a wonderfully written concept. Here we have a man whose childhood writings and imagination have  paved the way for a successful life as a top-rated children’s author. The stress eventually wins him over and he finds himself plunged into the world he hadn’t visited since a child that has been turned into a tragic warzone.

The emotions we see in Chris, the disbelief, the desperate attempts to rationalise what’s going on, the sorrow of seeing his childhood friends suffer and die before his eyes by something he never created, it’s all so believable. And we’re right there alongside him feeling the same emotions, raising the same questions knowing only as much as he does until the final scenes.

I didn’t think this story would successfully pan out over the four issues. Before I even started reading, I had feared that it was another old comic that didn’t make it and it’s ending would never be known. Thank the powers that be that it’s all there.

I love the surreal art of D’Israeli. It didn’t seem like much in the beginning, but as the story progressed, I soon saw how perfect a compliment it is to the story. His style adds an eerie quality that lends itself to the decaying of Castrovalva.

This series has made it on my personal list of all time faves and earned a place In The Super Nice Spotlight.

A graphic novel collecting the entire series is available.


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