Kingdom of The Wicked #3

1997 | Calibur Comics

Writing: Ian Edginton
Art: D’israeli
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix

Chris, after his car accident, is rushed to the hospital, but his mind is elsewhere in Castrovalva torn between ideas of his death and simply being alive, trapped in his imagination.

He meets another old friend of his, Captain Flashheart, now a Colonel who tells more war stories of the horrors that have fallen the world., but the reunion is short-lived and the war claims another soul. He’s off to find the Dictator and set things right.

We also find out something very chilling, revealed in an X-ray. The panel sent cold shivers down my spine-shivers of clarity as countless questions are answered with just two simple  words… and I am totally floored.

By all that is wonderful in this world, I am in love with Ian Edginton’s words and in one more issue, they will be nothing more than a memory. His words don’t get better than this. The way he writes Chris’s attempts to rationalize what’s going on, why all of it is happening is simply brilliant. His observations, and emotions so perfectly fused with D’israeli’s art. It’s a match made in heaven.

They’ve grown, evolved as characters. No longer ink on a page, but flesh and blood, and they’re dying because of me.

Stunning. I am speechless.


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