Kingdom of The Wicked #4

1997 | Calibur Comics

Writing: Ian Edginton
Art: D’israeli
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix

Chris has a vestigial twin inside his body, a tiny little fetus and we ask ourselves how could this get any better? The answers to all our questions residing in that tiny, evil little parasite attached to his brain slowly killing him.

And while Chris aged and moved on, that tiny little devil remained to wreak havoc on the world all for the chance to live a life he was never able to.

The tale is finally closed and one brother the victor. It is a good closure, but the desire to see more of the afters still lingers within me. Such a haunting tale so beautifully chilling.

There’s no pity in that cold black eye. Just hungry fingers burrowing deep—relentless, thirsty roots raiding the cerebrum like a larder, gorging on blood and experience.

I am still stunned from all this. This issue is the best of them all. We see the brother’s anger and determination to not only survive, but to live a normal life of his own rather than a voyeur. We see him withdraw into Castrovalva, the only place he could live any sort of life, and all that bitterness. God, this is excellence.


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