Air #1

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Oct 2008 | Vertigo

Created by: G. Willow Wilson | M.K. Perker
Writing: G. Willow Wilson
Art: M.K. Perker
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

Working a Milan flight,  our acrophobic flight attendant Blythe has an interesting conversation with a passenger she swears she’s seen before. After a conversation with this man, another unusual encounter ensues with a man representing an organisation bent on stopping terrorism in the sky, The Etesian Front.

As nice as they may sound, they are nothing more than vigilantes planning to hijack Clearfleet planes. She and the mysterious man that has been stalking her from the beginning become hostages for the very hijacking they hoped to prevent.

After escaping, Blythe eventually gets back to work worrying about Zayne, her mysterious stalker she’s fallen in love with. Things take an interesting turn when she receives a letter from him from a country that doesn’t exist.

This issue was planned to be my first review for Super Nice, but I had so much trouble trying to summarize the plot in a way that makes sense and is contained solely to this issue. This is actually the third iteration of my attempts and I’ve decided three times is good enough, plus it’s way past my bedtime and I can barely stay conscious with the sleepy cough medicine running it’s course.

Oh, Vertigo art, how it always manages to irritate me on some level. This time around, I really couldn’t tell you what it is. Something about it bothers me, but only certain frames. Weird, I know, but Vertigo and I have an unusual relationship.

This issue is very hard for me to judge alone since I’m current with my reading. I had to re-read it a couple times and try to push out everything else I know about the story. And to be honest, this isn’t the greatest set-up, so much stuff happening and Blythe’s character isn’t exactly convincing. My only incentive to keep going is to fine out more about Zayne, this country that doesn’t exist, and what’s so special about Clearfleet planes.

It’s also hard for me to decide whether it’s the writing that’s bad, or just the story. What we have isn’t all that exciting and the events progress like a Saturday night made-for-tv movie or bad modern rpg campaign.

What’s good about this issue? I really couldn’t tell you. It’s pretty bleh. I wouldn’t have continued with it had I read this before picking up the second issue. I wouldn’t recommend it, either. It’s not a very strong issue to get someone hooked.


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    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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    Apr 21, 2009 @ 16:09:31

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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