Black Sun #3

Jan 2003 | Wildstorm

Writing: Marc Andreyko
Art: Trevor Scott
Colour: Udon
Letters: Jenna Garcia

Maggie’s father is rushed to the hospital and is in critical care. SHortly after visiting the hospital, Maggie and her boyfriend are attacked by demons and she uses the power of the pearl to defeat them. Suddenly realising what her mother had been painting, she visits her and the magic of the pearl reveals jumbled images of her mother’s past raising questions of her relationship with her uncle. Angry, she visits her uncle to demand the truth and the real identity of her father is revealed.

There are parts of the issue that don’t make any sense. We see this full page mess of images, likely her mother’s memories. There are what appears to be other pearls, a conflict, and what looks like her uncle sleeping with her mother at the age she is now.

When we learn the identity of her real father, it makes no sense. He didn’t appear in the image at all, unless he was changing his appearance every time.

This is a terrible book. The art is still the same, so I still hate it, and this story is getting dumber at every page turn. Ugh. Two more issues and I can be rid of it for good.


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