Tarot Witch of The Black Rose #3

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Jul 2000 | Broadsword Comics

Created By: Jim Balent
Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Jim Balent | Holly Golightly
Letters: Holly Golightly

It is Halloween in Salem and the two of them have got to stop Raven Hex before her plan succeeds and all those poor humans I don’t care about get butchered, enslaved, or whatever.

Reading this is like reading a fan-fic doujin where the creator’s have inserted themselves. It gives me visions of two LARPers hooking up and desperately needing an outlet.

I’m certain I’ve said this in every review. Why did I buy this and keep collecting it when I haven’t even read half of it? This truly goes to show the dark, obsessive side of the comic fan. Collecting as vehemently as she reads.

Crypt Chick. Is that the best name Jim could come up with? That’s worse than The Graveyard Guardian. This entire thing is so laughable it is almost worth it. Sure, a lot of comic characters have cheesy names. Superman, Green Hornet, out of context, these names sound like strange wrestlers. So why don’t I laugh at them, and find this so humerous? Because the former actually had decent stories to back them up. This suffers inconsistent writing and Tarot has a moment that seems entirely out-of-character when dealing with the dead girl. The way she snaps at the girl explaining how she’s different felt severely out of place. There’s also a few grammatical errors that were bad enough for me notice. There’s only two things consistent in the series, so far. The art, and the cheese.

I really can’t stand this stuff. I’m not sure why it’s turned out this way. Maybe they’re trying to hard. I don’t know. It just constantly misses the mark and a lot of the dialogue seem forced just to get a good quote or explain something. Ugh.

The spells are knowledge and knowledge is never evil, it’s how you use it that makes it so. Evil always lies within one self. Some magick should never be practiced but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be studied.

I want to scratch out my eyes.


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