Vinyl Underground #3

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Feb 2008 | Vertigo

Writing: Si Spencer
Pencils: Simon Gane
Ink: Cameron Stewart
Colour: Guy Major
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

The team is still working on the case and Morrison’s ex-girlfriend’s father’s major beat down lands him in the hospital. Morrison and his ex have an angry mob of nazis to deal with, Perv does his psychic thing, and our nymphomaniac does some girl-on-girl for man hoping to learn some useful information. A few connections are made, but the case still isn’t solved.

Three issues in and everything I liked in the beginning has grown dull. This rag-tag group that interested me in the beginning seem very out-of-place now, degraded into a gimmick just to draw readers in.

I’ve grown tired of the exposition, tired of the drama, tired of the art, and I’m at the point of not caring how any of it finishes. The interest has faded to boredom. My reason for continuing is the same with Tarot, I have it all and this Super Nice obsession I have will not allow it any other way.

Vertigo has finally failed me.


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