Killer of Demons #1

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Mar 2009 | Image

Writing: Christopher Yost
Art: Scott Wegner
Colours: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Thomas Mauer

Demons live among us, have jobs just like us, live lives just like us… well, for the most part.

One day, heaven struck Dave in the form of the angel Uriel and the ability to see the demons around him. His new job, thanks to God, is to slay the demons of Earth while keeping his day job.

I really enjoyed reading through this in the same way I enjoyed reading through Super Human Resources. The work humor involved is what appeals most to me. Dave trying to work his day job and also deal with slaughtering the demons he encounters.

The characters are pretty cool in this. We have Dave and his cop girlfriend, or wife, who has been tracking the serial killer slaughtering everyone. And his brother works for the FBI’s internet crime division spending his time playing an underage female MMO character, which he’s really into. We can’t forget that chubby, ugly looking partner-angel Uriel who has some great moments in this book.

It wasn’t long into this when I knew I had to put this on my pull list. I love the two page spread of his office and all his demon co-workers. I sometimes feel sorry for the demons. They’re just doing their jobs. Where’s the harm in them living? Yeah, that whole putting crack in cigarettes instead of nicotine is really bad, but what about those guys at the White Castle? Surely they were just trying to pay the rent.

This has some great art too. Not great as in beautiful, but great in the way that is pleasing to me. There’s something about they style that appeals to me, but I can’t really put a finger on it.

I’m greatly looking forward to the rest of this.


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