End of Series: Goblin Chronicles

2008 Ape Entertainment – 3 Issues

I really wanted to avoid writing anymore about this and just leave it out, but part of me struggles to come to terms with the very thoughts of omission. Writing down thoughts on an issue-to-issue basis is fine, but an examination of the series as a whole can be just as useful, if not more.

Damn my conscience and it’s cruel need to extend my suffering.

I’m keeping this short. I just don’t have the energy to rip into this steaming pile of gloop. It could have gone so much better with a few more issues and better writing. The very beginning had promise, a poor little goblin aspiring to be something his family rejects. That’s a good story. This sudden prophecy, the war, everything ruined all chances of this ever being good. Everything is so rushed and it’s just so stupid. STUPID!

I get so frustrated when I read the beginning of something that appeals to me and watch how it spirals down the toilet and I wonder what were they thinking?

I could just claw and scrape my face away and let myself rot in a corner from all this frustration. But it is over and never again must I subject myself to such a terrible children’s tale. But now is a time of rejoicing and moving on to better things and not having to deal with this flamin’ gloop anymore.


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