1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad #7 (Grimm Fairy Tales Crossover)

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Jan 2009 | Zenescope

Writing: Joe Brusha
Art: Ron Adrian
Colour: Kieran Oats
Letters: Crank!

Seeing Ash and Sam argue reminds Wilhelm of the time before his cursing and his first love. Zahra was to be sold as a slave by his master. Angered and desperate, he visits Belinda for a wish.

He wishes for everything his master has; power and wealth. The woman grants it, but in so granting it, it is as his master spoke. Zahra is not his and is love with him.

He returns to wish for Zahra’s love, which she grants, despite a subtle warning. When he goes to see her, he is thrilled to discover it had worked, making him the happiest of men. His former master pleads for his lover to return with him and is angered to find she had been bewitched. This time, he visits Belinda for revenge that would unknowingly cost them both the woman they love.

I’m glad to finally see some back story for Wilhelm. He’s a favorite character of mine and I had been wondering how he came to be cursed, which we don’t find out this issue. Despite this very adventure being a bit of fairytale in-and-of-itself, I’m not too fond of the fable quality. It’s a bit to Grimm for my taste, which I knew it would be being a crossover. I’d rather not have to read the middle of a Grimm Fairy Tale issue to get the rest. It could have easily been spread among two issues without having to bounce around, but whatever.

Slightly disappointing, but oh well.  I’ll look forward to getting back to the task at hand, finding the next artifact. I’m starting to develop a love-hate relationship with this series.


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