Global Frequency #1

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Dec 2002 | Wildstorm

Created By: Warren Ellis
Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Garry Leach
Colour: David Baron
Letters: Michael Heisler

There are 1001 member of Global Frequency, a worldwide independent organization aimed at dealing with terrible events beyond the capabilities and knowledge of others.

This first deals with a weapon devised during the cold war that has been since long forgotten, until the main piece begins rotting in the brain of it’s deliverer.

This is my third time re-reading this series, and it’s still good. Nice art, an unusual problem, and what a great concept for a global organization. And for being independent, they’re super organized. I like how all the members are everyday people with skills and resources valuable to the whole and what good teamwork they have. I really think this could be a good television series, if done right.

This will be a nice relaxing refresher as I trudge through the other sludge on my reading list waiting for the good stuff.

I still want my own jacket.


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