Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #4

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Sep 2000 | Broadsword Comics

Created By: Jim Balent
Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Jim Balent | Holly Golightly
Letters: Holly Golightly

Raven Hex is destroying Salem, Skeleton Man is going after the boy, and Tarot’s spouting her worthless drivel to try and get Raven to back down. Blah blah blah. Her spell worked, and Crypt Chick smacked her for going back on her word. She also stole a page of her book.

It goes without saying that the resurrection backfires and they now have to fight the abomination of their father. During the fight, their mother gets severely injured and the two sisters join together to defeat the stupid creature.

Plug in the shredder, I can barely stand this. The Skeleton Man.. Crypt Chick… Still terrible names and still the same quality of cheesy writing and fan service. My, oh my, oh my and I 51 more issues to go. At least it reads quickly. The problem is mustering enough willpower to. It’s so uninspired. I wonder how long it’s going to take before I run out of ways to reiterate my unchanging feelings of boredom and cheese. It’s so mind-blowingly bleh, there’s nothing else to say. Bleh. Bleh. Stupid bleh.

Don’t mess with the dead, bitch witch! Because we’ll always come back and haunt you.

Really? This sounds like a line in a crappy teenage horror movie where the girls always have a swimsuit scene, someone’s always getting laid, and the guys are always these wretched hunks gossiped about throughout every high school in this country.



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