Black Sun #4

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Feb 2003 | Wildstorm

Writing: Marc Andreyko
Art: Trevor Scott
Colour: D-Rod | Darlene Royer for Wildstorm FX 
Letters: Jenna Garcia

Maggie knows the true identity of her father, but there’s no further explanation regarding this pearl or any other useful family history. Which is incredibly dumb.

After fighting with her father and plummeting a great distance, she ends up on the doorstep of her boyfriend, Nathan’s, house and tells him what happened. He then tells her what he learned about the wrist dragons, radiation, and no known factory.

Later, Maggie has a dream that serves no purpose other than to fill a few frames. It’s about some prophecy, but it’s only a few frames and she wakes up before learning anything of value.

Zhao visits Nathan at work, dribble blue gunk from his nose and mouth, and kidnaps him. Meanwhile, the true purpose of the wrist dragons is seen as all the children with them turn into demons and start wreaking havoc on the city. Maggie goes to deal with it and after getting in a pinch, Nathan arrives to her rescue and takes her to her father.

Ugh. This series is not improving at all an I know all hope of ever knowing what’s going on and more importantly why, is gone.  So stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I don’t know why I keep on reading this. It isn’t as if anything changes. It’s the same bad art and same dumb story of previous issues.

It’d be nice to know the family history. What is this pearl? Why in that past vision did there seem to be more? What exactly are her family, andy what is it daddy dearest is trying to achieve? We just have all these arbitrary things happening that don’t amount to anything. This is supposed to be a complete story, but reads like a fragment. Some chunk at the ending of a bigger story with all the important bits chopped out.


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