1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad #8

Jan 2009 | Zenescope

Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Eduardo Ferigato
Colour: Kieran Oats
Letters: crank!

Sinbad and the City of the Dead
Part One.

After collecting the Sunfury Amulet, Sinbad and his crew are of to Cairo, Egypt to fin the second piece of the Calico Visor, the Crown of Anubis. The words of the wizard Kalbrit Amud weigh heavily on his mind as he wonders if he might be a pawn in a darker plot.

So far, it’s still good. I enjoyed the bar brawl, and Pots managed to find some nookie with a barmaid. I thought it was nice to see our heroes on a bit of respite. Three things were accomplished in this issue, we have a possible budding romance, a message is going to be sent to Baghdad, and a guide was found to find to lead them to location of the crown, in the city of the dead. This guide also happens to know Sinbad and doesn’t seem very happy, but she is pretty hot.

This issue read incredibly quickly, but that didn’t really bother me apart from it was over too quickly. This would really make a fun cartoon, but I wouldn’t want it numbed down for the kiddies.

One more issue and I believe I’m caught up with it’s releases, then it’s back to the long wait. That’ll be the ultimate test, if after a month passes has my interest remained, or will it be forgotten… *gasp* Well, whatever. It’s still on my pull list.

Still hoping for some art I can get excited about.


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