A Dummy’s Guide to Danger #3

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Sep 2006 | Viper Comics

Writing: Jason M. Burns
Art: Ron Chan
Letters: Greg Gatlin

Our private eyes managed to deal with the issue involving the police, get themselves home, and have a nice visit from their serial killer.

This guy’s mental state is wonderful, and painfully annoying. So he’s got the Flesh Collecter in his apartment, he’s got a gun, but it’s not loaded because Mr. Bloomberg didn’t load it. He’s an F’ing dummy, you dolt! Of course it’s not loaded! Get yourself some help, you’re starting to irritate me!*sigh*And despite having his ear cut off, he asks that stupid dummy to load all his guns. You’d think after this incident, he’d have enough sense to do it himself.

There’s another golden moment in here when he’s still being held at the station. Two thugs beat the crap out of him and we see the scene where Mr. Bloomberg gets shot and is told the devastating news about his spinal cord injury. The whole scene, that dummy is running around on his own. It makes me wonder if that’s what his mind actually sees when he looks at that dummy.

This issue was still a bit frustrating in the same manner as the last. I really don’t like crime mysteries like this. They always end up being a rehash of something else and I’m still sick of the bad police bit.

The only satisfaction I got from this book was when Alan punched that old police guy in the jaw, knocking him flat.

One more issue to got and this case is closed.


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