1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad #9

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Apr 2009 | Zenescope

Writing: Dan Wickline
Art: Eduardo Ferigato
Colour: Jason Embury
Letters: crank!

Sinbad and the City of the Dead
Part Two.

With Oz as their guide, they head off into the desert to find the City of The Dead, but on the way they are ambushed by the people they defeated in the inn.

Highly outnumbered, it seems they are captured and the leader of the pack is quite keen to ill Sinbad and claim the bounty, but Sam’s magic puts an end to that fantasy and the aftershocks cause a great hole to open in the sand.

The more I read this, the more I expect to find an animated cartoon on FOX.  I did enjoy reading this issue, but it’s not really sating my thirst for a good adventure story. There were parts I was really excited and really loved this, but as it stands, I feel as if I’m just trying to quell the kid inside me wanting to return to those adventure cartoons like Conan and Pirates of Darkwater, but craving something more new and adult.

I’m still going to keep on going. I can’t bring myself to stop just yet since I still care what happens.


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