End of Series: A Dummy’s Guide to Danger

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2006 – Viper Comics – 4 Issues

A primary example of a really neat idea that spirals downwards into the annoyingly painful, but there really isn’t much that could have been done about it. Having a detective believe his toy dummy is actually a person is wonderful. It’s such a great idea, but of course, it gets annoying with issues like ensuring his guns are loaded and other tasks. I realize that’s the way of things. It’s just really hard for me to look beyond that.

You really have to wonder what the Hell happened to make this guy believe such a thing and just how he manages to keep on believing. He’ll never eat his food, despite any comments of starvation, he’ll never do any tasks asked him, how can it be? I’m a bit disappointed we couldn’t see more into his mind and how he ended up that way. Though it was nice to see the scene involving Bloomberg’s paralysis with the dummy actually moving and acting on his own.

The mystery had me interested in the beginning, but the concept of a killer that harvests body parts and assembles them into a new creation isn’t a new idea, nor is half the bad police bit and girlfriend victimization. Boring. That was another big hand in killing my enjoyment.

There was a moment when my heart briefly fluttered the instant the killer was shot and he’s babbling about how the dummy couldn’t move. If I saw that dummy sitting lifeless as he always does with a smoking gun on the table next to him, I’d be raving about this book. It would have erased every negative view I’d have. That would have been wonderful. Did the dummy really fire that shot? I wouldn’t care. The questions and possibilities would have been enough for me.

I’m disappointed with this. I can’t help it. The only thing I can like at this point is the concept. Everything else just seems like a bad crime drama re-run or made for TV movie. I’m left craving something different, something more psychologically terrifying, not another crime show.


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