I Hate Gallant Girl #3

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Jan 2009 | Image

Story: Jim Valentino
Script: Kat Cahill
Art: Seth Damoose
Colour: Kanila Tripp
Letters: Jason Hanley

Gallant Girl a genius? Who knew. It turns out all that technology was invented by her and she wants everyone to know who’s running the scene. And guess what. She has no super powers. But that changes later on with the use of one of her devices and she soon declares herself the new super-villain.

I had hoped to see an epic confrontation, but there was nothing more than your average high-school super-powered cat fight. I had also hoped to find a laugh in there somewhere, but no. Nothing’s changed. Disappointing.

I’m officially dropping this series. It’s not good enough for me to spend anymore money on. I’m done.

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