Reading List May Week 1

Woah. I’m actually surprised I had such a long break from posting I’ve fallen really behind compared to where I am in my reading. Ah well. My absence was brought primarily from some old friends demanding my return to Unreal Tournament III and the need to totally redo my room.

After all that I’m back with a lot of catching up to do, so here’s this week’s task list. There’s a few new one’s added to my primaries.


These are basically what I’ve been diligently reviewing, or really interested in. I try to pace these out so I’m not drowning in too many series. But, alas, I have a large collection, so it’s hard to balance all the new and current stuff with the older stuff in my library.

1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad #9
Grimm Fairy Tales #33 (2nd part of Arabian Nights Crossover
I Hate Gallant Girl #3
A Dummy’s Guide to Danger #4
Crossed #2
Vinyl Underground #5
Air #3
Haunted Tank #1
Mirror’s Edge #1
Irredeemable #2


These are books I’d really like to get to this week. I’ve been really looking forward to reading them. I’ve already gotten through some of them, though I should have been tackling my primaries.

Viking #1
Ignition City #1
Bang! Tango #1
Dead Romeo #1
Dog Eaters #1
Madame Xanadu #1
Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West #1
Dark Avengers #1
Johnny Monster #1


These are the books I’ve started but find myself very hard-pressed for any desire to read them. They’re here only out of my devotion to this blog and to finish what I start. If I didn’t already own these books, I’d more easily toss it aside, but I might as well finish some time.

Tarot #6
Black Sun #5
The Amazon #2
I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space #3


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