Irredeemable #2

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May 2009 | Boom!

Created By: Mark Waid
Writing: Mark Waid
Art: Peter Krause
Colour: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

The Plutonian destroyed Sky City in half an hour two weeks ago causing a death count of millions and Kaidan’s making a house call to his girlfriend in hopes of getting some clues as to why he went rogue.

I’ve been anxiously looking forward to getting my hands on this and seeing if the momentum keeps up and I’m still pleased. This book has me under it’s control cover-to-cover. Not much happened, though. Just some back-story information gathering.

Kaidan. I don’t like her. I don’t like the concept of her powers, reciting ghost stories to invoke the spirits to fight for you. I think it’s dumb. Just attack her before she’s done babbling and you’ll be fine.

His girlfriend is so selfish. He cares for her so much to actually reveal his secret identity and she gets all pissy and blabs to her co-workers who immediately attempt to broadcast the news over the radio. How stupid could they be? Seriously. And despite him destroying the satellite and giving them the lecture they deserved, the girlfriend still stood on her high horse and rejected him. She deserves whatever she gets.

Ever? You’ll never breathe a word of this? Not to anyone, ever? Not even in your sleep? Or when you’re drunk, or tired, or lonely? And even if that’s so, what about him? or him? Do you trust them to never drag you into this ever, for as long as you live?

Your lives are worthless now. They’re over.

Even I can’t save you.

On another note, it was satisfying to hear that her co-workers all succumbed to the pressure and paranoia and committed suicide. And it’s all that rotten chick’s fault. I bet she still sleeps good at night.

All this suffering. I could turn into a supers fan yet.


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