Zen Intergalactic Ninja #0

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Oct 2008 | Devil’s Due Publishing

Created By: Steve Stern | Dan Cote
Writing: Joe Casey
Pencils: Lee Ferguson
Colour: Felix Serrano

By: Robert V. Conte | Christopher G. Scalf

The Almighty Unexpected

Zen is a rejected test-tube baby turned mercenary hoping to find his true destiny. After taking care of business, he jumps through a wormhole and we get some homies staring into space.

I only picked this up because I remembered playing the videogame long, long ago. I don’t think I ever beat it, and I really don’t remember anything about it other than the title. I never read the old comic, either. Great reason to pick up a book, eh? Yeah, don’t answer that.

A few pages in we have a severed alien head leaking purple blood on the floor. It can’t be too bad, now, can it? Uh. Actually, yes and it’s all the writing. Unnecessary exposition describing something or his actions. We don’t need it. We can see what’s going on. We don’t need those words to break up the action. If you’re really going to do it, give it a purpose. Not ever panel needs a bubble, and the writing isn’t very compelling, either. Since I haven’t read the old comics, I’ve got nothing to compare it to, so I couldn’t say whether this is better, or worse. Either way, I’m not continuing.

I should also mention there’s a piece discussing how this book came to be and it has a few screen shots of the game and synopsis unearthing memories that should have remained buried.

What’s that? You don’t remember? Here, let me share the pain with you. Zen and some kid see all the pollution destroying the world and trace it back to the horribly evil Dr. Contanimous. With a mastermind named that and bosses like Sulfura, and Garbageman, do you really want to play? Didn’t think so.

Some things should never be revived and this seems like one of them. I’m actually scared to see what the old stuff is like considering reboots always come with unspoken higher-quality intentions.

I’m so put-off by this comic, I couldn’t even get to the bonus story. This is the first book in Super Nice’s short history that I couldn’t finish.


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