Air #3

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Dec 2008 | Vertigo

Writing: G. Willow Wilson
Art: M. K. Perker
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

Letters From Lost Countries Part 3

In 1954, Narimar ceased to exist as a country. The city was bombed, then the post stopped, and the remaining residents found it difficult to leave without inadvertently circling back. They were forgotten by the world and were now stuck. People are starting to remember and it is uncertain whether it is for better or worse.

Zayne is held prisoner by the Etesians after some device while Blythe is being interrogated by the Narimari regarding how she got there. After a short time, she buckles and soon ends up joining the Narimar on a plan to rescue Zayne. After all is done, the remaining Etesians agree to a truce in return for Blythe taking them back to the real world, but where is Zayne?

Another fine issue in this series. It’s nice to know what happened to Narimar and clear up that mystery, but so many other things still intrigue me. This talk of a device, what Zayne is currently working towards, and what’s with the dragon following her?

Dan, if getting home means letting the nuts run the nuthouse, that’s what we’re going to do.

I am still in love with the writing. It really slakes my thirst for good reading material and the story is coming along nicely. As always, I can’t wait to read more. What is going to happen? I have no idea and I’m fine with that. I’d be fine not knowing anything until the final issue so longs at the quality remains high. I’m stuck under Willow’s spell.

I am happy Vertigo is doing right by this one. I’ve dealt with too much shocking disappointment from them of late.


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