Global Frequency #2

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Jan 2003 | Wildstorm

Created By: Warren Ellis
Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Glenn Fabry
Ink: Glenn Fabry | Lian Sharp
Colour: David Baron
Letters: Michael Heisler

Big Wheel

The Global Frequency gets called to deal with an insane bionic man at project Big Wheel, Nevada before his killing spree spreads to a larger population.

That bionic man is so grotesquely beautiful. What a great bit of shocking imagery to give me the warm fuzzies like a good horror film. And it’s no wonder the man went insane. He looks like something way beyond freak. When it was described that he could feel the metal bits scraping inside him, it made my skin crawl.

They took my genitals away. Can you make that better?

There’s a wire in my brain that simulates sexual pleasure when I kill people.

That’s all I have now.

I still love this. The writing, the art, the stories, all of it really excite me and it’s hard not to just sit down and read all of it, flooding Super Nice with my ravings.

There’s just one issue that I’ve had, and that’s the death count of Global Frequency members. Yes, these situations are dire, but the people involved seem way to eager to sacrifice themselves. , It almost seems a little too much like forcing the darkness. Heroes should still die to be heroes, but if this keeps up, I’ll grow numb to their death impacts.


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