Crawl Space XXXombies #1

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Oct 2007 | Image

Story: Rick Remender | Tony Moore | Kieron Dwyer
Writing: Rick Remender
Art: Kieron Dwyer
Colour: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Rus Wooton

It’s 1977 and it all started with one dead guy on a plane. It crashed, and then there were more. Zombies. Porn producer Wong Hung Lau and actor Jeremy Randel brought new talent and established talent to mansion in Hollywood for a three day shoot. They are oblivious to the chaos around them until after the city has been overrun.

I got a kick when the D&D nerds sitting on the Hollywood sign smoking their joint went up in flames in the middle of arguing about a red dragon. That was satisfying.

I’m also amazed at the sight of these broken, smoldering people didn’t phase or unnerve the rescue crew on scene. Miracle? I’ve seen too many movies to be so optimistic. And the part where one of the bites into the face of one those dudes, now that’s what I’m talking about. Good ol’ fashioned zombie gore.

Another highlight was when the director found Johnny outside displaying some zombie wood. What does he do? Brings him inside and gets him tied down to a table for a shoot, oblivious to the fact he’s among the walking dead. It’s even more amusing during the shoot his piece breaks off getting all sorts of icky gore all over the old girl.

Also, I should note that the adult content in here isn’t that bad. This is Image, after all. The most graphic thing in here is the violence and there’s some nudity.

This wasn’t a bad comic at all. It’s a bit of a more adult horror series in the vein of Tales From the Crypt. It had it’s humorously macabre moments and I’m a huge fan of horror series like this.


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