Crawl Space XXXombies #2

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Dec 2007 | Image

Story: Rick Remender | Tony Moore | Kieron Dwyer
Writing: Rick Remender
Art: Kieron Dwyer
Colour: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Rus Wooton

Hollywood has gone to hell in a hand basket and our little smut crew struggle to get out unscathed. Their numbers are dropping quickly. Tony wants his money from Wong, and Jenny’s father is hot on her trail and he ain’t playin’.

The first thing that amazed me was despite the fact that Johnny was dead, his thing broke, and his skull had a whole punched through it, we’re still oblivious. When Mitzy, the girl of the shot turns into a zombie, they just think she’s dope sick. Wow. These guys deserve to die.

This issue wasn’t as entertaining as the last, but is still good enough for me to keep going. I want to see these guys devoured and see who lives, if anyone does. I’m starting to like Jenny’s father. He’s one tough dude. I love how nothing phases him.

Just two more issues left, then it’s waiting for the next story to be released.


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