Dead Irons #1

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Jan 2009 | Dynamite

Writing: James Kuhoric
Art: Jason Shawn Alexander
Character Designs: Jae Lee
Letters: Simon Bowland

1838. The wild west. The Iron siblings are bounty hunter and they bring their prey in as dead as themselves leaving rivers of blood in their wake. They’re brother Silas has been tracking them and the group ain’t so pleased.

And other supernatural western hits the shelves. Why does it interest me? It’s the main cast that’s dead and you have to admit, that’s one sexy cover.

Alexander’s art is phenomenal. It’s so perfect for horror and images go well with Kuhoric’s excellent script. His words are very compelling and capture that old west tongue very well. I particularly liked the crazy preacher’s sermon. That was chillingly wonderful along with the scene where Silas’s father whips out some more religion. That old west religion is pretty scary stuff. I love it and how fanatical it gets.

You would compound your sins by lying in the face of the Almighty. The Devil’s in you, bastard child. He’s in you good and Deep.

But we’re gonna burn that fiend right out of you and brand you with the mark of the lord for all to see.

So wonderful. I’m amazed to find I love this book. I was bewitched after seeing the art on the first page and sold after reading all that wonderful exposition. I’m definitely going to splurge on this and get caught up.


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