Lillim #1

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Mar 2009 | Image

Writing: Shaun Lapacek | Ian Keiser
Art: Matrix
Letters: Rus Wooton

Thor killed Loki’s love, and it turn, Loki killed Thor. Unable to bear the weight of the world, he left. But now, he has returned to modern day Earth, climbing aboard a fishing vessels and ending up under the medical care of Bridget.

This was another cover-based purchase. I really dug the cover art and I’m very glad the interior is just as nice. I found myself staring at the art a lot. It’s so nice and clean and detailed.

The story confused me until I had finished the book. In the beginning I wasn’t too keen, as I had no idea what was going on until those flashbacks filled in the gaps. It intrigues me. I have no idea where this book is going and I’m really interested to find out.

I’m going to keep going with this and see how things turn out.


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