The Zombies that Ate the World #1

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2009 | Devils Due Publishing

Writing: Jerry Frissen
Art: Guy Davis
Colour: Charlie Kirchoff
Letters: Jerry Frissen

A Domestic Drama In A Suburban Hell

The dead aren’t staying dead anymore and they live with us just as they did when they were living. They aren’t dead. They’re life-impaired and it’s quite the problem for one suburban family trying to get rid of grandpa, but cremation is illegal. That won’t stop them, though. They have a plan.

Wow. It gave me a funny feeling seeing a typical suburbia family with a dead grandpa sitting in the family room. Equally strange feelings when his boys shot him in the head arguing that it’s all right because he’s dead.

And then there’s there’s the scene where he’s gettin’ it on with his wife and grandpa tries to join in and I realize just how much of a problem grandpa is and how wonderful he is.

Those street punks with the huge boom box was a bit disturbing. I wonder what all the addicts and drunks would be like as zombies. I can’t imagine there being much of a difference, though perhaps they’re more mellowed out.

I’m so in love with this comic I don’t know what to say. The writing, the story, the art, everything is just so amazing. I love how as this family is dealing with it’s problem, we get radio reports about religion. A believer convinced it’s the work of god and Christ’s return. Later, there’s reports of his body going missing and people going nuts in Jerusalem. Really good stuff.

I also love how in dealing with the problem, his wife dies of shock and he wants to get rid of her too. I can imagine why, since you see him dressed in nothing buy his g-string making the phone call.

That nerdy, acne ridden zombie killer guy is creepy.

A woman.

Dead or alive, what’s the difference.

Dead Girl Superstar

This eccentric rich man collects famous zombies, and our hunter s are off to collect Franka Kozik, a star of zombie films, to add to his collection.

This is the second story in this book and it’s given me weird feeling again when Neard and his sister Maggie are talking about what their anus looks like and how surprised Neard is that she doesn’t know what her own looks like. For what reason, I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I have a feeling I will eventually know.

And that ridiculous goatee you’re trying to grow! What the fuck? What’s that for? It looks like you ate a bunch of centipedes and forgot to wipe your mouth!

It’s so wonderful how these siblings bicker. They are perfect for this book.

Another wonderful moment was seeing Franka Kozic sitting with the naked man in her arms. The top of his head is gone and she’s just reaching into his brains and munching on them like some television snack. Perfect!

I’m a bit worried about the regenerated dinosaur the two went to see. That seems like a very bad idea.

This book read way too quickly and I’m not sure I can wait for more. I almost wish I stumbled on this when the TPB came out just so I would have had a larger chunk to digest all at once. Ah well. This is wonderful stuff and it’s certainly getting added to my pull list.


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