End of Series – Vinyl Underground

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 2008 – Vertigo – 12 Issues

I find it so surprising how sucked into the first issue I was, and how horrible I found it ever since.

The group is very ragtag. They had such colourful pasts they were initially interesting. I was excited to see how it all played out, but then when it did, it seemed more like a gimmick and wasn’t believable to me.

All that wonderful exposition in the first issue seemed minimized throughout the book. It was there giving us history that I didn’t care about and didn’t end meaning anything to the story. It was more like a desperate clinging to something that was at one time beautiful and inspiring, but had past it’s days and should have been left to fond memories than cheapened.

The whole occult spin didn’t end up too well, either. The African boy ended up being all about drugs, and project Urizel ended up being a drug thing funded by a psycho into the occult, but didn’t really do anything occult. It was just an experiment that got cleaned up possibly by MI-6, but that never really got answered.

And then we have this framing by his little sister that made herself look exactly like him, but of course, she probably wouldn’t have sounded like him, being a girl. And she did all this because she was mad and decided to steal his life and all these little crimes they had solved were all set-up by her to draw him in.  Solving occult crimes in the UK, my arse.


When I saw what looked like the head of Moz, I thought either he’s dead by the end of this, or he’s been dead through the entire thing. The former would have satisfied me, though the latter might have brought this book out of stupidity for me if it were done right and I could re-read it and catch all the clues. But no.

I’m glad Caulfield decided to loosen up and not be such a stickler, but she was also the only character I liked in this book. It’s sort of neat she decided to hang with the crew, but at the same time, I can’t help but think what a waste.

It’s over, and I’m glad. Now I can devote my energies into other books. This was hugely disappointing for someone that has had a lot of enjoyment out of Vertigo’s books. But of course, it’s mostly luck, I suppose. I haven’t read every thing of there’s and it’s inevitable I’d hit something I didn’t like. I’m just shocked how stark my dislike was. I expected such great things from this. The first issue was really good. The second was crap and it stayed in the septic tank ever since.

Ah well. Better luck next time.


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