Eden’s Trail #1

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Jan 2003 | Marvel

Writing: Chuck Austin
Art: Steve Uy
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

A gang of bandits decide to line their pockets by hitting Tila’s bar. Only things don’t go so well for them when a reluctant stranger ends up getting involved and the fight costs Tila her bar and several lives.

I started digging through one of my boxes for something older to read and stumbled across these books. I couldn’t remember whether I liked it, so I pulled the first issue adding it to my stack of things to read this morning.

The story wasn’t too bad. It’s a western taking place in it’s own unique world.  Like most westerns, it isn’t a western without gunfights and a bar getting shot up and the bar scenario pretty much takes up the entire issue. Two bodies were left on the ground, one of them significant, and I don’t remember enough to know what happens.

The art has a pleasant anime style, which isn’t something I go for anymore, but used to be huge on. That’s probably the reason I initially subscribed to this book way back.

Another element of this book I like is the lack of that typical old west twang. The people talk more-or-less normal, so my brain doesn’t have to work so hard to create the accents.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this over the next week. It’s a short series and comforting to know that I haven’t wasted all my money on crap over the years.


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