G.I. Joe Cobra #3

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May 2009 | IDW

Writing: Mike Costa | Christos N. Gage
Art: Antonio Fuso
Colour: Lovern Kindzierski
Letters: Neil Uyetake

Part 3: Oil

Chuckles is promoted and sent to Dubei. Things get very serious when an explosion knocks out his transmitter and Jinx is captured.

Yeah, I’m still reading it. The cover image snared my curiosity and had a bit of a nice shock, but I’m disappointed, still, that it’s Chuckles and we’re following his infiltration of Cobra. I would have done this entirely differently. Sometimes I forget it’s Chuckles reading all that exposition. Ugh.

Since I don’t care about this series, I don’t care about spoilers, so if you have problems, I suggest you stop reading now.

Wow. Chuckles killed Jinx. I’m in shock and delighted that this book went there. I know since the explosion, Chuckles wasn’t sure anyone was getting any messages. Seeing Jinx captured made me think it was her way of saying someone’s still paying attention. And he shot her. How wonderful. I really hope more Joes get taken out. I almost have my hopes up.


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