What If You Were a Super?

Ah, another frequently asked question in the fanverse. If you has super powers, what would they be? What would you call yourself? Would you use them for good, or ill? I’d like to know.

This question is difficult for me to answer since I’ve played many a Gurps Supers campaign along with Champions. I’ve had a variety of characters, but having to sit down and think of what I, myself would be as a super, I almost have no answer.

In terms of inspirations, I had always liked Storm from X-Men. Her weather-related powers I thought were very unique and cool and I had played many characters with abilities like her. I also liked Emma Frost and her abilities. That’s not terribly unique, though and I couldn’t really see myself like either of them. I’m too much of a nerd.

Normally, if we lived in such a world where anything like this was possible, most supers don’t have a say, so I could almost cop out and say I’d leave it up to chance and escape this question.

And then there’s the part of the power source. Is it magical? Does it come from some sort of item? Is it all mental or spiritual? I think I’m reading too much into my own question.

Well, Gee. This is hard.

I think I’d go with the original version of what I expected my life to be like when I was little. I wanted to be some sort of marine biologist and do all that fun field work going on dives, playing with little submarines… But my great fear of water and the boom of computer science had my parents steering me down another path.

Living that life and becoming a super, my powers would originate from some unusual artifact I uncovered on a dive. Perhaps a relic of the fabled Atlantis. As long as I have it, I have my powers. Perhaps I’m able to use the power because I’m a descendant. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter too much to me.

My powers would all be aquatic based. Manipulating water and probably involve some Aquaman-like summoning. I know, not very original, but I can see it for me for that life.

If I were constrained to this banal life I live now in limbo with way too many interests of what the world would call a “real” occupation besides dreams of publishing, I’d settle for super-intelligence and go the scientist route with secret labs housing secret experiments raging from weird voyages into genetics to giant robots. I’ve always seen myself as that nerd-sexy scientist genius running her own corporation.

If I could be anything, though. In all likelihood I’d be some sort of Cthulhu cultist and probably evil.


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