The Wind Raider #0

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2008 | Ape Entertainment

Writing: Richard Finney | Dean Loftis
Art: Gabriel Hardman
Colour: Micah Farritor
Letters: David Hedgecook

Bandits are causing trouble in the wasteland involving a boy named Joshua and a girl. A mysterious Ki warrior arrives to lend a hand.

The awesome cover drew me into this series followed by the articles at the back giving a lot of nice detail about how the world became a wasteland, and who the Ki warriors are and how their order came and went.

There’s also short bios of several characters, the Ki warrior code of conduct, and some awesome concept art.

The story part is just action giving a taste of the art. It’s not a very good preview. It’s all the stuff that follows that really shines. That and the extras are all in the first issue, so there’s no point picking this up now unless you’re collecting.


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