Reading List May Week 3

Another late reading list. I knew there was something I was forgetting yesterday, but I was mostly distracted by movies and mostly incapable of thought due to the recent rise in temperature and all that sunshine outside.

That probably largely explains the drop in visitors the past few days. Sorry everyone. I’m doing my best and will try and get my brain to pump out more thoughts this week.

What I’ve Been Liking

Six new titles have been added to the list while one was removed. Johnny Monster’s second issue issue just didn’t bring me the enjoyment the first issue had, so it’s been removed.

We’ll just have to see how this list holds up over the week.

Atomic Robo
Blue Monday Thieves Like Us
Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West, The
Demon Killer
Executive Assistant Iris
Global Frequency
Stuff of Legend, The
Super Human Resources
Wind Raider, The
Zombie Tales
Zombies that Ate the World, The

Dropped Books

It’s hard to believe, but there’s nothing dropped this week.

This Week’s List

I didn’t do too badly last week. I managed to hit a lot of titles before going off on a tangent. We’ll have to see how well I do this week.

100 Bullets – Split Second Chance TPB (#6-#14)
Air #4
Atomic Robo #2
Batman Brave and the Bold #3
Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West #3
Crawl Space XXXombies #4
Crossed #4
Dead Irons #2
Eden’s Trail #3
Global Frequency #3
Gravel #1
Lillim #2
Ignition City #1
Mirror’s Edge #2
Muppet Show #2
Tarot #7
Unwritten #1
Wasteland #2
Ythaq – The Forsaken World #1
Zombie Tales #3


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